Day 8

May 17, 2018 | miles 179.4 to 191 |  San Jacinto Alternate


First nero! We spent the majority of the day in town starting with a super lazy morning.  Silver Pines Lodge does laundry, so we all waited in our spare gear for clean clothes to arrive while eating a delicious breakfast of eggs, avocado toast, and our leftover chips and vegetables from the previous night.

Finally leaving the lodge at 11, we headed get the local grocery store for our resupplies. I grabbed all sorts of goodies I’ve been looking forward to eating in the trail: Oreos, Hershey’s, Pringles, and more. John Z came to visit as well, so we all went with Heaps to peruse a nearby thrift store (looking for gloves). Then we separated — James, Sam and I ate at a local deli while Heaps and John dropped by the gear store to grab a new sleeping pad. We found out Gautam was in town as well, but he was planning to spend the night resting.

John offered us a ride to the trailhead, so we make our way as a group over to the library where he’s parked. And then a friendly face appears: Felix!

Apparently Felix did make his way into town, but he had to make a lot of calls between UPS and Amazon to get his shoes delivered. Unfortunately, they were a little small, so while John made his first trip with James and Sam, I helped Felix with printing the Amazon return label.

Once John returned, he offered to help Felix drop off the shoes to a UPS drop-off location. We said our sad farewells before Felix went into town to purchase shoes and resupply while John took us to the trail in his Honda Fit. Hopefully Felix will catch up soon so we can all hike together.

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