Day 7

May 16, 2018 | miles 148.2 to 179.4 |  Idyllwild


If ever there was a day to relish, today would be that day. We hiked to Paradise Cafe to enjoy some amazing omelettes – my first restaurant breakfast since joining the trail. A whole crew of hikers rolled in as the morning progressed, taking over the entire outer portion of the cafe.

The famed Paradise Cafe
Hikers enjoying their breakfasts

Kevin and I hitched out early, running into Magic Man who was setting up trail magic again – now at the road into Paradise Valley.

Kevin and a PCT monument at the trailhead

The next section was closed due to a fire alternate, and we had no idea what to expect save for rumorings about how pretty the alternate was. And right they were. I won’t do it justice with words, so here are just a couple hastily snapped photos instead.

Overlooking Mt. San Jacinto from our vantage point prior to a long descent

The PCT continues to surprise. I ran into Heaps, Sam, and Nudedude near the top of the descent, and we made the long walk down to the road via the Fobes alternate together right as golden hour set in.

Wrapping up the long but beautiful roadwalk to the highway
The prettiest sunset lighting

We hitched our way into Idyllwild – with Kevin just barely making the hitch by running the final 1000 meters of the roadwalk. We stayed the night in one of the towns most popular amongst PCT thruhikers – and reasonably so. The entire town holds a cute but quaint and welcoming atmosphere. We decided to spend the night at the Silver Pines Lodge, enjoying a great dinner from a grocery run made earlier.

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