Day 6

May 15, 2018 | miles 124.9 to 148.2|  Mike’s Place


Another morning, another wet quilt. This time, I smartened up and placed my quilt outside of my drybag to ensure that the contents stayed dry.

Today was going to be a relaxing day, since I knew my friends were still well behind me. I ran into Jupiter while refilling water at Mike’s Place, but he was on a mission to get to Paradise Cafe. I heard later he completed 32 miles by 3 pm to pick up a package from the cafe.

Long descent past Mike’s place, Jupiter visible as two tiny pixels way off in the distance

My knees showed their weakness today. Following Mike’s Place is a gigantic downhill, and I found that I could go no faster than 2 mph – and even that, in excruciating pain. Paradise Cafe, which had seemed so reachable on the morning now seemed like a fading light in the distance. Take care of your knees, folks!

Aside from the downhill, the heat left me questioning my water supply. For the first time, the reality of potentially running out of water seemed very real, forcing me to limit my food intake, rest in the shade during the hottest parts of the day, and generally conserve my water however possible.

Life-saving water cache with Trevor and Mike

Fortunately, I ran into a water cache maintained by trail angels before day’s end, giving me relief from my dehydration. Another cache, beautifully prepared by trail angel Mary found me shelter and company for dinner before I pushed on a couple more miles to wrap up the day.

Taking shelter at Muir Woods
Sunset walk from Muir Woods

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