Day 5

May 14, 2018 | miles 106.2 to 124.9 |  Warner Springs


Warner Springs – our first trail town! Hobbling in on my knee and feet was painful, but I was greeted with a cute little town with a dedicated spot for hikers next to the community center.

Hello Warner Springs!

Along major stopping points, there are often hiker boxes where hikers leave unwanted and unnecessary gear and food for others to scavenge. Warner Springs had an incredible hiker box; as the first major town with both a gear shop and a post office, many thruhikers purchase newer, lighter gear and either donate or ship home what they no longer need. An entire table was covered in unwanted clothes, food, gear, personals (luxury items like deodorant, shampoo, etc.), clothing, and more. Another table was similarly stacked alongside nearly 40 pairs of shoes of all shapes and sizes.

A yard set out just for hikers with over thirty pitched tents when we first arrived!

I was fairly lucky; with the guidance of /r/ultralight, I had already cut out most of the fat from my pack list. However I did swap out my 4 L bladder for a 1.5 L; even after just four days on trail, I knew that 3.5 L water capacity should be plenty.

Felix helped me pick out a new hat since I lost mine on the second day, and we all relaxed in town for far too long after picking up our packages from the post office. Unfortunately I had already grown sick of the food I sent myself, so I ended up swapping quite a bit with Gautam, Sam, and whatever I could find in the hiker box and leaving the rest.

Leaving Warner Springs

I ended up hiking on ahead while my friends went to the restaurant. With my feet and legs in pain, I knew I’d be slower and needed all the buffer distance I could get. And walk I did, until just 2 miles before Mike’s Place.

Sunset after the ascent

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  1. Bill jennings says: Reply

    Forgot to sign the guest register at the Warner Springs Community Resource Center, as well as the Southern Terminus register.

  2. Bill jennings says: Reply

    Sorry, found your entry on May 10th for the Southern Terminus – “Time to take one step at a time until we hit Canada!” Good pictures of WSCRC area, and exiting trail after SH79 crossing up Agua Caliente Creek drainage.

    1. Thanks Bill! I’ve tried to sign all the registers I’ve passed, but I know I’ve missed a couple, e.g. Mt. Laguna (didn’t know Post Office had a register) and Walker Pass (no pen).

      I have more posts prepared that I’ll likely publish once I’m off the trail. Thanks for reading these!

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