June 9th – Day 31

June 9, 2018 | miles 735.3 to 767.0 + 3.4 to Guitar Lake (35.1 miles) 

35 Sierra miles! A long day was tough to push through but worth the effort. We started with a sunrise before heading to our destination at the base of the continental United States’ tallest mountain…

Sunrise from a killer campsite

Danger Dan all geared up


Beautiful meadows in the Sierras! Could walk through these all day.

I found Danger Dan aka Dayhiker at Chicken Springs Lake, our first large alpine lake welcoming us to the Sierras. He had hardly a day’s worth of food on him, yet he was planning to both summit Whitney and exit through Kearsarge Pass to Bishop – another 60 miles worth of hiking. Dayhiker is ridiculous and has the outfit to match; he started wearing the bear canister on his head since it was more comfortable than in his backpack.

We were waiting on Cheap to drop by, but he never did. We ran into him cooking just before the trail split to Crabtree Meadows to find out that he had skipped the lake in favor of creeks further down the trail. We all departed at different times from our dinner view to set up as close to Whitney as possible, enjoying an ephemeral purple haze as the sun set on the tallest mountain in the lower 48.

Dinner view with Whitney peaking out in the distance

I felt weirdly tired today. Maybe the Sierras are taking something out of me or maybe I’m just exhausted from continuous hiking. Whatever it is, Bishop is just two days away – and I’m expecting two beautiful, fantastic days!

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