Day 3

May 12, 2018 | miles 48.6 to 77.1 |  Scissors Crossing

Today was a day of challenges. Felix and I first woke up at 3 am to water dripping over our faces. We realized the clouds we had been watching the previous night had descended, and covered us like a cold, wet blanket. And I really do mean wet.

Ascending into the unknown
Finally in the clear near Sunrise Trailhead

At first, we tried to use my tarp as a blanket, but our heads and feet were left exposed. Felix decided to pitch his hexamid tent, while I wrapped myself in a tarp burrito trying to wait for morning to arrive.

Aside from soaked gear, I was starting to fret over my trail itinerary. I knew I had an off-trail commitment in two weeks, but I had found an awesome group I wanted to hike with. So worrier that I am, I tried to create distance to stay ahead – foolishness really when you consider how many PCT thruhikers there are and how little I knew my current trail family. Yet apparently I let that fear of losing my friends grow anxiously inside me in just three short days.

Our long descent into the valley

Everything culminated in a long afternoon rest where I laid out my quilt to dry as I thought over my decision and realized how poorly thought out it was. Fortunately the group caught up during my break. My elation seeing them far outweighed the growing plantar fasciitis in my right foot, and we pushed through to cowboy camp under the highway underpass at Scissors Crossing under the threat of looming clouds over in the direction of Julian.

Dangerous clouds

I’m going to have a lot of time to think this trip. Who knows what else I’ll discover about myself.

Our shelter for the evening

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