Day 29

June 7, 2018 | miles 689.1 to 709.2 (20.1 miles) 

Hello Sierras!

Mugwort was feeling much better by morning having regained much of his appetite – especially with some food variety from me to select from. We cruised into Kennedy Meadows by 10 AM, excited for what lay ahead.

A familiar face greeted us at Kennedy Meadows – Cheap was here! He had to wait an extra couple of hours to receive his delivery of new shoes for the Sierras.

We all enjoyed our time in Kennedy Meadows recharging our batteries, resupplying, and carefully monitoring the hiker box for food options to either take out consume. Mugwort, feeling much better, decided he felt like entering the Sierras today, and a couple of us who wanted to join Mugwort peak bagging decided to join him.

Ready or not Sierras, here we come!

Our ridiculous group out of Kennedy Meadows: Mugwort, Brown Streak, Cheap (with 12 days of food packed in to make a 45 lb backpack), and Dayhiker, who is thruhiking the PCT with a 14 L pack holding just a 40F quilt, an emergency bivy, and a poncho tarp (although he added a Bear canister and a puffy jacket for the Sierras)

Brown Streak laying down some energy as we head into the wilderness
Danger Dan aka Dayhiker all loaded up. The bear canister takes up his entire 14L running vest / backpack!

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