Day 24

June 2, 2018 | miles 534.7 To 566.5 |  Tehachapi


While yesterday was my most challenging day physically to date, today pushed me to the limit mentally. I was stuck between two groups – my original who had pushed on ahead to Tehachapi and were rearing to move on, and the group with Felix, Jakob, Ryan, and Macgyver behind. My ankle started giving me problems as I climbed out of the wind farms toward Tehachapi, but unexpected trail magic gave me the second wind to push through. Two rounds of unexpected trail magic actually: one in the form of a much-welcomed aid station, and another from Coppertone – a famous trail angel who provides root bear floats as he follows the herd up north. Hitching into Tehachapi was a pain in the rear, but I’m happy to have town food in me and a place to sleep behind Redhouse BBQ for the night.

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