Day 11

May 20, 2018 | miles 239.4 to 266.1 |  Big Bear


I didn’t know it was possible to move so quickly! We left camp at 6 am and stormed forward to cover the 27 miles by 3 pm, stopping only for short food and water breaks. On the whole we likely made almost 4 mph moving pace, racing our way down the gentle slopes from Onyx Peak down to Highway 18 and our and access to Big Bear.

James’s friend, Jake, picked us up in his mid-converted van and drove us around town. We first arrived at Staten Bros, a well supplied grocery store where we shopped in preparation for dinner and breakfast at our Airbnb. Then we drove for our Airbnb.

We arrived upon a beautiful house tucked away with a nice view of the hills. The house was furnished with a rustic cabin-y but modern feel with a beautiful large hardwood dining table with a giant polished and lacquered log on one side, and matching wooden chairs on the other. It also featured four beds in four separate rooms, a nice horseshoe formation of four soft couches, and a Jacuzzi in the back porch.

Each of us took our showers while prepping and eating dinner- a combination of freshly-prepared guacamole and chips with sandwiches formed from grilled steak/hamburgers and baked rotisserie chicken on white bread with lettuce and tomato. And we feasted. I don’t think I even eat this well at home.

After supper and showers we slipped into the Jacuzzi with root beer floats. I opted for ice cream since I don’t drink soda. Ice cream and hot tub are a match made in heaven, especially after a strenuous day of hiking. I think we all slept well – Macguyver took the couch while each of the rest of us took up our own rooms and beds.

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